What People Are Saying…

Sample Topics

Aurelia speaks, sharing powerful insights on Latinas and Leadership

Aurelia is a seasoned national speaker and trainer on leadership topics, TV and radio show Host and Creator of the Latina Personal Power Program

Aurelia offers the following leadership lessons that have come out of her interview series, as well as personal advice from her own life:

  • Concrete advice on how to overcome obstacles and confront personal barriers from real world examples
  • Ideas and insights on how to apply the wisdom from these incredible leaders to any situation or circumstance
  • How to respond to difficult situations and motivate oneself during challenging times
  • Key power habits successful Latina women have in common

Why hire Aurelia:

Aurelia tells stories from her own life that are genuine and all have important messages
Aurelia encourages interactivity with her audiences, allowing them to experience for themselves the lessons she teaches. She encourages thoughtful participation and reflection
Aurelia allows her audiences to come to their own conclusions from the messages she imparts and realizes that each audience member brings their own experiences and has their own needs regarding what they came to receive.
Aurelia is flexible and professional – all presentations are customized to the specific audience and their needs
Aurelia shares surprising statistics about the Latino community in the U.S.

Sample Topics

Latina Mirror Workshop
How are Latinas seen in the broader mainstream culture, and how does this affect how we see ourselves? This highly interactive workshop leads participants through exercises (both in small groups, as well as in the larger group) to explore their own beliefs about themselves, and how they can learn their own unique traits to be able to capitalize on them.
Setting Boundaries
One of the hardest things for us, as Latinas, to do is to set boundaries. These boundaries may be with our family (especially our mothers), our co-workers, or even in intimate relationships. This topic explores why boundaries are important for us as Latinas, starting with how we learn about ourselves.
Career Advice/Business Lessons
There are multiple pieces of key career advice on how to move forward gleaned from the Powerful Latinas interviewed, as well as Aurelia’s own personal history. This is a topic many student groups like, especially if they’re business-focused (such as the Hispanic Business Students’ Association).
How do we use storytelling in our lives? What role does it play and why is it so important to both become a better story-teller, as well as learn how to LISTEN better to each other’s stories? This workshop or speech comes with a workbook that helps audience reflect on the lessons learned and how to implement them into their daily lives
Latina Archetypes
We have so many archetypes that we use on a daily basis: everything from sweet and innocent (La Niña/The Child) to the seemingly evil and sinister (La Vendida/The Traitor). These archetypes have a special meaning for us in Latino cultures, and it is fun, and insightful, for us to reflect on how we use these archetypes and what we can learn from them in our communities.
Powerful Latinas Leadership Lessons
This presentation is a combination of various leadership lessons gleaned from the dozens of interviews with amazing Latina women, as well Aurelia’s own life. What commonalities do successful Latina women share, and how are these lessons unique to us as Latinas? With statistics, stories, and themes, the audience learns key lessons needed to be a leader in any setting — even if it’s just a better leader of oneself!


Aurelia speaks for:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Student Groups (such as Latina sororities and chapters of national associations)
  • Conferences
  • Professional Organizations

At a variety of types of events:

  • Workshop facilitator (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Keynote speaker (awards banquets, annual dinners, fundraisers)
  • Leadership retreats

What People Are Saying…

Rita Sanchez,
Professor, San Diego Messa College

Thanks to Aurelia Flores for her consciousness-raising presentation. The students in my Chicana/Chicano Studies course at Mesa College enthusiastically received this useful information related to Latina women in the United States. They also engaged in dynamic discussion with the author and presenter, Aurelia Flores. They were gifted by her strong and confident presence, her serious research, and her empowering statistics. She was truly a role model for them.

Aurelia’s confidence and warmth inspired the students. They felt safe telling their own life experiences and were comfortable enough to ask questions. Aurelia accepted each student with a welcoming spirit, taking seriously each person’s unique approach to the subject. Students, in turn, showed their enthusiasm by adding to the group discussion. One student even offered her services in her desire to contribute to a program so significant to her.

Aurelia has compiled much serious research on the contributions of Latina women to society, education, and the professions. Students learned that many of the images presented about Latinas in the media can be limiting and often false. Negative images harm Latinas, causing them to adopt low self-esteem. Such images promote negative stereotypes to the pubic in general, creating a false picture of Latinas. In fact, Aurelia provided statistics about the major contributions Latinas are making to American society.

Aurelia reminded the students, that they do not see the positive work these women do when stereotypes dominate the media. The students took pride in hearing the truth of Aurelia’s serious research and were visibly affected.

The major contributions that Latinas are making show up in these kinds of dynamic presentations and group discussions provided by Aurelia. These facts are important for they empower Latina women who often see themselves portrayed in negative ways. Latinas take pride in themselves when they hear the truth and find out how much Latinas have actually contributed. They learn how to strive, to never give up, and commit to furthering their education and career goals.

Thank you to Aurelia Flores for her good work. Powerful Latinas is reaching students all over the United States. Aurelia Flores’ efforts are making a change in Latinas and in society in general. I commend her good work and encourage it and hope that others will support it as much as I do.

On behalf of HBSA, it was our pleasure and a great honor to who have had a speaker at the caliber level of Aurelia Flores and would greatly recommend her for any future speaking engagements. She was able to make our prestige event that much more valuable. The message delivered to us will follow us a long way in accomplishing our goals we have set for ourselves. We are now aware as Latino college students that we have a depth of responsibility to complete our goals and finish college to raise the bar for future generations and open doors of opportunities for those that follow.
Aldo Vides, President, Hispanic Business Student AssociationSan Diego State University
During her speech, Ms. Flores encouraged Latino college students to reflect on becoming co-creators of culture. She empowered the audience to realize that we are positively impacting our communities through educational attainment and civic engagement. The impact she left in the audience was of great significance as everyone in the room was able to take into heart the message she delivered.

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