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Historical “Firsts” by American Latinas

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we pay homage to the intrepid, courageous, visionary “Powerful Latinas” who, in decades past and in the modern era, have blazed trails and secured their places in our national history as “the first Latina” to make their mark in their fields: government/politics, science, literature, music, film, drama, sports, […]

Hispanic Internet Use

An interesting infographic () was released earlier this year that combined data from a Pew Hispanic Research study, IAB, Comscore, and eMarketer. The information shared was intriguing to me, and caused me to ask even further questions. In 2010, there were 30 million Hispanics online. Out of 50 million of us, total, that’s 60% […]

Latinos and Radio

When we look at how Latinos use or interact with media and technology, it’s interesting to me to see how the trends in our population show up. This month, as I pull certain statistics from marketing reports, I also note that, because these studies are done with an eye towards how to SELL to us, […]