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Don’t Do, Just Be

To Be is to Do — Socrates To Do is to Be — Sartre Do Be Do Be Do – Frank Sinatra As Latinas, one of the things we struggle with is overwork, burnout and the stress of juggling many, many obligations all at once.  As women, we are most frequently the ones who take […]


by Thelma T. Reyna, Ph.D. I’d suffered with the pesky earache for days, had taken eardrops and aspirin to no avail, and hoped that my mother could find something that would give me relief. She did. The Latina neighbor from around the corner of our Corpus Christi, Texas home entered my room with a small […]

Latina Womanhood

As Latinas and as women, we have so many characteristics that are attributed to us.  We are passionate.  We are strong.  We are creative.  We are emotional.  We are S.E.X.Y!  We are tender.  We are vengeful.  >:)  And of course, as the diverse group we are, we represent all of these wonderful, scary and fantastic […]

Latinas at Work!

The status of women overall is getting better, but still faces some significant challenges.  For example, women have seen significant gains in education and labor force involvement, but this has not yet translated to wage and income equity. Women have increased their numbers in jobs classified as managerial or professional, but women still represent just […]

Latina Women and Leadership

Our role models with regard to what true leadership is, what it means to be a leader, and what a leader is required to do, often come from the women in our lives… What did you see growing up modeled by your mother, your grandmother, perhaps an aunt, an older sister, or your godmother?  We […]