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Aurelia Flores & Powerful Latinas dot Com

Aurelia Flores founded Powerful Latinas.com in 2007 as a company that gathers together Latina women to learn from and share with one another.
The web space fosters “Latinas Re-Imagining Culture Together” by blending a mix of personal empowerment messages with community involvement and current, relevant information for the modern Latina woman.

During the course of her own life Aurelia found input from mentors and role models (both formal and informal) to be immensely helpful. Aurelia strongly believes women learn from other women, no matter where they are in their career or life path. One of her mottos is that we all work together and offer help as and where we can.

PowerfulLatinas dot com is a powerhouse of wisdom. Through an interview series of Latinas from across the nation who have reached successful peaks, PowefulLatinas inspires and motivates women – young and old – to learn from others’ life lessons,

says Aurelia. Click here to see profiles of inspiring Latinas!

Aurelia uses her influence to connect, empower and inspire Latinas through PowerfulLatinas.com, a site that uses the internet and social networking to support Latinas working together in an evolving Latino culture to create a better world.

Inspired by more than 70 Latina leaders from across the nation whom she has interviewed, Aurelia has expanded her brand with the launch of a Latina Personal Power series, an online program that organizes groups of Powerful Latinas and offers them tools to implement positive change in their lives.

It is Aurelia’s ability to overcome adversity and how she’s used her experiences to educate and motivate others that makes her an outstanding role model.
After becoming pregnant at 15 and while in an abusive relationship with her son’s father, she graduated from high school a year early and went immediately to college. She separated from the unhealthy relationship and went on to receive her law degree from Stanford Law School, and then was awarded a post-graduate Fulbright Fellowship to study in Mexico City. Aurelia undertook these challenges as a single mother, raising and supporting her son all the while. From these experiences came many valuable lessons.

Aurelia has been practicing corporate law for over ten years, first at a prominent law firm and then for a Fortune 500 company specializing in intellectual property. She lives in San Diego, California.

Now a seasoned national speaker and trainer on leadership topics (click here to learn more about her speaking for your group), Aurelia is regularly featured in the media kit, and her story was highlighted in the book Aim High: Extraordinary Stories of Hispanic and Latina Women.


Aurelia’s story and PowerfulLatinas.com have been featured on television shows such as “The Wright Place” and Everyday with Marcus & Lisa.


Additionally, Aurelia has been interviewed on radio shows and podcasts such as:


Additionally, Aurelia has been featured in San Diego Magazine in their November 2009 issue on La Vida Latina, San Diego Latino life and culture, as well as appearing in the 2010 version of the print publication People You Need to Know, out of Atlanta, GA.
Poder magazine selected Aurelia as 1 of 20 Latino Leaders Under 40 to watch.
She has also been featured in local and college newspapers, such as the Mesa College Newspaper.

Aurelia’s story was highlighted in the book, Aim High: Extraordinary Stories of Hispanic and Latina Women.

Aurelia has also been featured on various websites such as at Latina Lista, among others: